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After all, we PCVs theorize endlessly about the sex lives of our Zambian neighbors, which seem on the surface to be so different from ours.

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(It’s considered scandalous for a girl to admit she knows anything about sex or her body, so it’s sometimes tough to know what she actually DOES know.) It’s common for PCVs to share bits of mildly scandalous info we glean from various Zambian friends, and then come up with our own half-baked theories. I’ve heard only a sliver of what my neighbors thought when they saw PCVs Dan and Adam sleeping in the same tiny house as me – at the SAME TIME!

Then just weeks later, Samuel came and slept with me.

And later, Morgan shared the house with me AND Faye!

Apparently even my cohabitation with my brother when he came to visit raised a few eyebrows.

In a society in which it is taboo for a grown man and woman (even a brother and sister) to sleep in the same room – let alone the same bed – imagine the scandal of this constant parade of sleeping partners.

Some time ago, I had a talk with a group of female neighbors about the fact that it is indeed possible for two opposite-sex Americans to sleep in the same room – even in the same bed – without having sex.I think I was able to convince them of this eventually. Men with a larger share of African ancestry are not sex maniacs, and men with more European blood are not sexless, as she was implying. Like most PCVs – and most Americans – we in Luwingu are prone to hugging across gender lines.But then Ba Dorothy asked, conspiratorially: “Yes, but what about the BLACK men in America? We made a point of being open with the girls and explaining to them that, yes, Dan and Erica are dating, as are Jesse and Hayley.” I found myself mildly offended, yet I couldn’t help it. But the rest of us are not in any kind of physical relationship with one another. ” (“Family planning” is the term for any form of birth control here.) The women remained dubious. Basically, that seemed to be exactly what they were thinking.Americans just don’t mind showing affection across genders. But then, in a lesson about how HIV spreads, Dan decided to use the PCVs as examples of multiple concurrent partnerships (MCPs), which is a major factor in the spread of the virus in Africa. ” I exclaimed for perhaps the 100 time in my service. “Wait, is this why you think can sleep together without having sex? Strangely enough – culturally – I was more outraged by this implication than I was when the GLOW girls thought I was sleeping with four different male PCVs.“So let’s say Ba Terri and Ba Adam are dating,” Dan started out. Imagine that: I have my own cultural perceptions of sex, too.

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