Sizzling seniors sex dating

But when I found this post by Erica Jagger on Huff Post 50, “Where Are the 50-Year-Old Heroines In Erotic Fiction?

,” it got me thinking about sex again, not just as a woman, but also as a reader and writer.

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Or the real question may be, do we really want erotic sexually explicit stories about women our age or would we be as grossed out as with the younger versions of ourselves?

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about the same subject on Vibrant Nation.

I received some positive feedback from other women who longed for erotic fiction about women over 50, but I didn’t get any suggestions as to where to find these stories.

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Vonnie Kennedy writes for Senior Planet, among other publications.

This piece was first published at as “Do Boomer Women Want to Read About Other Boomer Women Having Sex?

” Read more of Vonnie’s writing on Senior Planet and explore her blog.

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