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Sometimes we can hear our own story told in lyrics.

It can offer a sense of being understood, of not being alone in the world.

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It can provide a way to gain helpful insights to deal with problems we face.

In honor of teen dating violence awareness month and the campaign to Free Marissa Alexander, we offer the following selection of songs about the realities of abuse and about overcoming violence.

As part of our ongoing efforts to celebrate and amplify the power of music to educate, enlighten and help with the social change needed to stop Violence Against Women (VAW), The Pixel Project presents our 2013 selection of 16 songs about or related to VAW and women’s empowerment.

While there have always been songs that are very explicit about domestic violence, sexual violence and other forms of VAW, we have selected a mix of songs about VAW and songs that empower women because it is crucial to get a balance between the reality of violence and the message of hope for survival and healing.

This year, our selection includes a diverse range of artistes and musical styles – from feel-good anthems to haunting ballads to foot-stomping dance singles.

Some of this year’s songs have been written and performed for anti-VAW nonprofits and movements, others are bona fide hit songs that have brought positive and empowering music for women to the attention of global audience.

Without further ado, here are this year’s selection of 16 songs presented in alphabetical order.

We hope they inspire and move you as much as they have inspired and moved us.

_________________________________________________________________________ Song Number 1: Brave Sara- Bareilles Bareilles discussed this song in many interviews, revealing that she thinks “there’s so much honor and integrity and beauty in being able to be who you are, [and] it’s important to be brave because by doing that you also give others permission to do the same” Song Number 2: Break the Chain/One Billion Rising Song- Tena Clark Break the Chain was the One Billion Rising theme song heard around the world.

Many people from around the world danced and created flash mobs out of this song while participating in One Billion Rising events.

Song Number 3: Eagle when she flies – Dolly Parton In this 1991 song, Country Music legend Dolly Parton sings this uplifting song about the strength of women when facing adversity in their lives, as well as the various important roles the women have in the family and community.

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