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divorced na po ako sa korea at di ko po na e pasa sa philippine embassy ang divorced paper…dito na po ako sa pilipinas at gusto ko po e change name ang passport po ang mga requirements na kailangan??? i just want to share our experience with the new DFA system.

para sa akin hindi na tama yung gingawa sa atin mga pilpino dahil pahirap ang ginagawa sa mga ng tatrabaho sa ibang bansa, ituwid ang mali ng governo natin dapat gawing nila sa mga tumutulong sa bayan ng madali.

my husband has a job offer for a middle east work that is good only until end of May but his passport is in bad condition since one of our nieces accidentally found it and played with it, unfortunately it was torn into pieces esp the first page where all the personal info is.

we never bothered to have it fixed bec we dont have plans of using our passports for the next five years or so bec we made life long plans of staying within the country then the job offer came that he couldn’t resist. accd to their call center if it is an OFW that needs a rush passport, we can call their DFA hotlines to get an appointment date different from what the call center gives.

the call center rep advised us that as long as we have a job order, contract, plane ticket, or any proof that it is should really be in rush then they can accomodate our request esp he is an OFW, they specifically intended these numbers for rush processing.

i tried to call the six phone numbers that the rep gave me but none of those are good numbers, as in nothing works!

it is either i get a fax tone, a wrong number or a busy tone.

we thought this is no help to us, so we decided to go there personally.

we have his job order, this document is very difficult to get bec agencies dont easily give out copies like this bec this can be taken advnatage of if placed in wrong hands like illegal recruiters, luckily he was hired by the employer so we got a copy of the job order.

then he came to DFA without making a phone appointment, everyone who has the same fate as us needed to pass through CPAC (not sure of the exact name of that dept) and they screen and validate the “rushness” of the documents presented by the applicants.

the CPAC officer denied us saying that job order is not enough, they needed a POEA approved contract.

we reasoned out that we cannot get one since he doesnt have a passport yet to start with the processing of his employment abroad.

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