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That’s the narrative that’s been spread about Jews for the last 70 years since the Holocaust. We can’t seem to address antisemitism without running to the world and screaming that we’re being persecuted, rather than standing up strongly in defiance, aware of our own inner strength. But in the end, they do one thing that we desperately need as a people: they tell the real story of the Holocaust.

We, and by extension the rest of the world, have chosen to define the Holocaust with these images. For some reason, we don’t usually hear about American Jewry during World War II, so you may be heartened to know that in 1933, American Jews organized a nation-wide boycott of Nazi-Germany.

Such a show of support, in so united a way is displayed beautifully in this picture from a rally in 1937.

This amazing photo has made the rounds recently as well.

It depicts Jews in hiding during Passover in Poland, baking matzos, their faces alight and happy.

As we’re leaving Passover now, may we be strengthened by their resolve. This incredible image depicts Jews, not in hiding, but within an transit camp in Holland lighting a Menorah on Hanukkah.

If you look carefully, you can see just how packed this room is.

This image is of a man in the Jewish Brigade, a segment of the British Army that fought the Germans in Italy in 1944. Taken in Buchenwald just after its liberation by the photographer Margaret Bourke-White, this image is so powerful not just because it shows the pure joy of liberation, but because it turns these men who we have almost turned into mythic creatures into normal folks.

The kind that celebrate with champaign and cigarettes.

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