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This led Michele to believe that she and Peter were now in a serious relationship.

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Debra Whitman was one of Peter Parker’s girlfriends during his college years at Empire State University.

Debra was perhaps his smartest girlfriend, but she was also the most mentally unstable.

Debra was slightly schizophrenic and she came to believe that Peter was secretly Spider-Man.

If the Sam Raimi films were your introduction to Spider-Man, then you may be wondering why Mary Jane Watson wasn’t in the first two films of the rebooted series by Marc Webb.

Shailene Woodley was cast as Mary Jane for the second movie, but she was cut out during post production.

Regardless, Webb’s films are somewhat true to the original As both Peter Parker and Spider-Man, this Marvel Superhero has had several girlfriends (and one wife!

) over the past five decades of his comic book adventures.

But outside of Mary Jane and Gwen, most of Spidey’s exes are unknown to the general public.

To help fill in that knowledge gap, we’ve assembled a list of ten of Spider-Man’s most memorable romantic partners, including two women who never got the chance to actually have a real relationship with either Peter or Spider-Man. Note that the woman in the picture above isn’t actually Gwen Stacy.

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