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Type 1-4 are Collectors' items and will probably not be used on the bench because of value. These are in the "Prelateral Class", identified initially by the lack of the lateral adjustment lever. Type 15 l931-2 On bed behind frog MADE IN USA Type 16 l933-41 STANLEY on blade with square cutout logo.

For users, the lateral adjustment is essential of course.

(Users will find two essential things, the Lateral Lever and the Frog Adjustment Screw on Type 10 l907-09 and later, but check newer looking planes (WWII Type 17 +) to be sure they have the Frog adj. ) Type 5 l885-8 First appearance of the letters "NO 4" on toe, letters close together.

This old Made in England Stanley Bailey Number 4 hand plane has been in my grand parents garage for as far back as I can remember.

I've no way of determing its age but its definately been there longer than I've been alive, so it's at least 25/26 years old.

It has been sat on a shelf covered in grease and gunk and dirt, the iron was dull and it's probably never really had any care taken of it.

I have not restored this to its full former glory as such but I've given it a good clean and made it a little more desirable and useable.

Nowadays, there is certainly no justification to over pay for Stanley Planer when you can find hundreds of them now available on e Bay.

With the current economic climate it is essential to get as much as you can for your e-commerce shopping money.

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