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Yes, see here (you have to unhide some stuff in the middle of the page): » ··· 27.shtml. Will security updates for 1511 continue to be issued?

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If you have Windows 10 pro, you can set the update option to the Current Branch for Business. In the meantime, the release you are on will still receive security updates.

Current Branch for Business will receive the feature upgrade (with additional fixes) at a later date, generally at least four months later.

An additional deferral of at least eight months is available to organizations that use tools to control the update process.

During this time, monthly security updates will continue to be made available to machines not yet upgraded.

I was on version 149xx for a LONG time, and continued to receive security updates.

I couldn't install 1511 because of some strange Windows Update error, so that's why I stayed on an older version probably close to a year. When the Anniversary update came out, I used the Media Creation Tool to update with no issues.

I probably could have used the Media Creation Tool to successfully update to 1511, but I never thought to try it.

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