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There are 6 key instructional shifts that are at the center of Ohio's Learning Standards for literacy and math. Could you identify them if you saw them in action in classrooms?

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Literacy Shift 1 : Regular Practice With Complex Text And Its Academic Language.

There are a number of tools that can help you to look at the Quantitative Measure of the texts you are using in your classroom.

Teachers who are mindful of vocabulary demand will Close Read texts prior to assigning them to students to look for words that may need to be pre-taught, words that may be used uniquely in the context, or words that are keys to a student's ability to unlock the content of the text.

Students might use Frayor Models to help construct meaning for key words.

Interactive word walls in the classroom may contain examples of words being used in context, and images that illustrate meaning or usage.

Qualitative features of a text can be looked at using a rubric or a checklist. First, is the text structure simple or more complicated?

Remember that text can also be a graphic, so look at the graphic features as well.

Are there text structures that are normally found in a particular content area writing style or in a genre?

When skimming the text on a first Close Reading, is the language more conversational or formal? Teachers being mindful of the Qualitative features of the text will also take into consideration the knowledge that a text expects a reader to bring with them into the reading.

This can be cultural or regional experiences, content specific background or individual life experiences.

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