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Here are my reasons for being excited about this launch: 1.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Traditional Dating The reality is, once we leave the school environment, it becomes that much harder to form romantic connections.

We have to rely on social events or family and friends to find dates, which can sometimes be intrusive and downright uncomfortable. If someone is on a dating site, they are looking to date.

Add in full time jobs, personal obligations and interests to the mix and that leaves very few hours to focus on finding that special someone. It’s convenient (Uh, you can look for dates in your jammies! It eliminates the awkward bar pick-ups and let’s singles spend time on getting to know people who are looking for the same things as them. The Economics Make Sense What Tamil singles would spend for an annual membership with my Tamil Date (under $180 CAD) is far less than the average amount that would be spent in a month hitting up bars and clubs in major cities like London/Toronto, looking to meet singles- where the outcome is usually not favourable.

Your wallet will thank you for it, along with your ego! It Modernizes Tamil Romance Prior to my Tamil Date, Tamil singles were limited to options like Tamil Matrimony and Shaadi to meet someone from a similar background.

You know, sites where they ask you if your skin tone is ‘wheatish brown’ and what ‘caste’ you belong to.

And let’s not forget the immediate assumptions those sites make about marriage.

The truth is, marriage is a serious commitment and no one should rush into it.

Having the freedom to meet other singles, date without pressure based on individual preferences and make an informed decision, will lead to better results.

my Tamil Date makes this possible based on how they position themselves. It Cuts Through The Noise Of All The Online Dating Sites Surveys repeatedly show that most people prefer to date within their own race and background.

If you’re open to dating someone from a different background, you have many great options like e Harmony and

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