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However, according to others who have seen the video, there was also a possibility that the individual in the footage was not Huang and that it could be someone who had a strong resemblance to him.

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According to a Chinese media outlet, EXO member Tao has been allegedly spotted kissing and hugging an unknown female after coming out of a party in downtown Seoul.

Following the news of Lu Han's departure from EXO, the South Korean boy band is embroiled in yet another controversy involving one of the Chinese members, Huang Zi Tao, more popularly known as Tao.

Like Us on Facebook Huang is said to have attended a party with fellow Chinese artists Zhang Li Yin and some other SM Entertainment celebrities.

After the party, the rapper is said to have left the venue with a group of friends which includes a female assumed to be his close friend.

According to the Chinese media outlet that shot the video of Huang and his friends, he later bade his friends goodbye.

In the video that was shot by the paparazzi, the singer seemed to have hugged said female twice and later appeared to have leaned down to kiss her.

Prior to that, the female had been touching the singer showing just how close they were.

The video has then spread like wildfire on the web which led to speculations that despite the dating ban implemented by SM Entertainment on their new fairly new artists, Huang was, in fact, dating someone.

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