dating with children involved - Teen hookup chatroulette

'We have kids who’ve had sex with people they meet on Chat Roulette.

At one of the junior highs we work with, we found out there were a few kids engaging in an online orgy. Technological age: This year, 81per cent of Internet-using teenagers in America reported that they're active on social-networking sites, one of which is Tinder, a mobile dating app that teenagers use to hook-up 'Sex is something you’re not to care about.

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Recent studies show that kids use media up to eight hours a day and use the Internet up to 24 hours per month, which is why it’s more important than ever to know what your kids are doing online.

A younger child’s online life is easy enough to manage.

My own kids (both under age eight) have a select few websites they can/do go to, and that’s it.

Once tweens and teens start to surf the web more independently, though, its harder to keep track of what they’re doing online.

Social networking is more popular than ever — even underage kids are logging onto Facebook — and these kinds of sites are a big draw for kids.

Caitlin Cosoi, senior researcher at Bit Defender recently sent us the top five social networking websites that should be on every parents radar.

Below you’ll find what they are and why you should be concerned: Chatroulette: When users log on to Chatroulette, the can have 1-on-1 webcam chats with other users — no credit cards, passwords, or other hurdles to logging in.

A recent study found that not only are most users over 18, up to 8 percent of them had were wearing no clothes or had the camera pointed at their genitals. At 14 million US visits per month, this new social networking site is gaining fast in popularity … Marketed as a teen dating site, this site has thousands of adult users.

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