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As the three of them stood around her looking down at her motionless, naked, sweat covered body, she slowly opened her eyes and exclaimed, “WOW!!

– Once or twice I’ve been here, but there is always the same.

For the people you’ve seen all this is necessary as certain stimulant to enhance their own sexual potency.

– Maybe this world is children, I mean this film, and, in general, that kind of stuff.

And if you add that Polish Pannochki, unlike the German, more compliant on the part of the price … – Guys put on the table, army rations, Polish sausages and wine.

Well, what could be so surprising that three brave programmers Jim, Bill and Harry had a bright idea to invite to dinner modest army of two Polish prostitutes.

Red-haired and dark hair Ognezhka Marysia, were young, cheerful did not mind this time spending. And really, why hang around in noisy taverns and cheap hotels, when and under a tarpaulin so good, cozy and almost intimate. – Marysia drank wine and looked kindly neighbor to her neighbor. As the sixth orgasm hit her, this one was much more intense than any of the previous ones had been.And it was a long sustained string of spasms that rocked her body.As she passed out, he deactivated The Chair so they could approach her and make sure she was all right.

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