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When they find exposed skin they will use their cutting mandibles to cut your skin and insert their feeding tube to feed on your blood; often inserting a small amount of natural anesthetic simultaneously, which is why many people do not remember a tick bite.

Generally the ticks that cause Lyme Disease in the USA carry the ; these bacteria cause Lyme disease.

Currently research is underway in Australia to isolate exactly the type of tick and the specific bacteria that is causing Lyme disease here (there are at least 14 different types of bacteria that cause Lyme disease identified world wide).

Most of the ticks that infect people with Lyme disease are in the nymph, or immature stage of development and are about the size of a poppy seed, which means that many people do not remember a tick bite.

Ticks have been found on every continent of the earth, except Antarctica.

There are certain places in Australia that are known Lyme disease tick hot spots.

In New South Wales (NSW), areas such as around Coffs Harbour, in the northern beaches area of Sydney (as well as the Western suburbs of Sydney), and the South Coast of NSW.

The LDAA is in the process of mapping instances of Lyme disease and known locations of tick bites that led to Lyme disease & hope to be able to better identify endemic areas of infection in ticks (& humans).

Back to top It is important that ticks are not covered in methylated spirits, rubbing alcohol, bi-carbonate of soda, vaseline, or burnt with a match in an attempt to remove.

Such action can induce a tick to release spirochetes and/or other pathogens known to cause Lyme disease and/or Lyme-like Illness into its host's blood stream.

For more detailed information on prevention, visit our Prevention page.

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