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These were the GNU fileutils, shellutils and textutils. In 2003 these three packages of Please browse the mailing list archives.

(Additionally shellutils with the version number attached as a suffix was one letter too long for 14 character limited filesystems and was also known as sh-utils.) Each had its own web page. It is possible, even likely, that your question has been asked before.

You might find just the information you were looking for.

This document answers the most frequently asked questions about the core utilities of the GNU Operating System.

The master location of this document is available online at

If you have a question that is not answered in this FAQ then please check the mailing list archives.

If you find a useful question and answer please send a message to the bug list and I will add it to the FAQ so that this document can be improved.

If you still don’t find a suitable answer, consider posting the question to the bug list.

An excellent collection of FAQs is available by anonymous FTP at edu and in particular the Unix FAQ is pertinent here.

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