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Charles, MO; Texas Network of Youth Services, Austin, TX; Hoyleton Youth & Family Services, Hoyleton, IL; Family Violence Prevention Center, Raleigh, NC; Youth Services of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK; LUK Crisis Center, Inc., Fitchburg, MA; and Center for Community Solutions, San Diego, CA.

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Our primary goal is not only to assist runaway and homeless youth to obtain stability, but to also keep children out of state systems and keep families intact.

By collaborating with the Center for Women and families, we are able to add an educational component that will help reduce the risk factors associated with dating and domestic violence.

In a 36-month period, the Janus Center, along with the Center for Women and families seeks to provide at least 180 youth with shelter and educational services.

Runaway and Homeless Youth & Domestic Violence Collaborative Grants The FVPSA Program supported efforts in eight States and community-based organizations to design and develop collaborative services to promote collaboration between grantees in two of its related programs: Domestic Violence Programs and Runaway and Homeless Youth (RHY/DV) Programs.

While the FVPSA Program focuses on domestic violence prevention and intervention, the RHY/DV Program assists homeless youth by providing shelter and basic necessities, reuniting youth with their families when possible, and aiding the transition to adulthood for older homeless youth who cannot return home.

Runaway and homeless youth are particularly vulnerable to dating violence.Many have been raised in abusive households or have experienced neglect, abandonment, or severe family conflict.In turn, youth who come to domestic violence programs, as victims of domestic violence or accompanying parents who seek services may benefit from strong links to community networks of targeted youth programs.This is a challenging intersection area that presents an opportunity to improve services for a population of youth at high risk for experiencing domestic violence (both perpetration and victimization) and to improve cross training and collaboration between domestic violence and youth services providers.Runaway and street youth may not be reached by traditional, school-based domestic violence prevention and intervention services and may require innovative approaches for outreach, education and support.Grantees are engaged in efforts to reduce adolescent dating violence through: RHY/DV Providers: Council of Churches of Greater Bridgeport, Bridgeport, CT; Youth In Need, St.

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