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Active X controls are small apps that let Web sites provide content, like videos and games, and let you interact with content like toolbars.

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These vulnerabilities may have been fixed in recent versions, but users may not know to upgrade.

To help avoid this situation with Active X controls, an update to Internet Explorer on August 12, 2014 will introduce a new security feature, called We wanted to share some guidance ahead of next week’s update, to help you understand this feature and decide the best course of action.

If you are an end user and see the notification bar, we suggest updating to the latest version.

If you are an IT Pro, you can decide how to implement this feature.

The out-of-date Active X control blocking feature works with: This feature does not warn about or block Active X controls in the Local Intranet Zone or Trusted Sites Zone.

It is important to note that, by default, this feature warns users, with options to update the control or override the warning.When Internet Explorer blocks an outdated Active X control, you will see a notification bar similar to this, depending on your version of Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer 9 through Internet Explorer 11 Internet Explorer 8 From the notification about the outdated Active X control, clicking “update” will take you to the control’s Web site to download its latest version.Optionally, in managed environments, IT can configure the feature to block—and not just warn—a user from running out-of-date Active X controls.Out-of-date Active X control blocking also gives you a security warning that tells you if a Web page tries to launch specific outdated apps, outside of Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer uses a Microsoft-hosted file, versionlist.xml, to determine whether an Active X control should be stopped from loading.This file is updated with newly-discovered out-of-date Active X controls, which Internet Explorer automatically downloads to your local copy of the file.We are initially flagging older versions of Java, but over time will add other outdated Active X controls to the list.

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