Updating adobe reader in the enterprise

Over the past years I’ve been blogging about how to deploy Adobe Reader with Config Mgr 2012, leveraging the way of creating a slipstreamed installation packages for each new version that gets released by Adobe.

Recently Adobe has released their latest version of their free PDF utility (formerly Adobe Reader) calling it Adobe Acrobat Reader 2015 DC.

DC stands for Document Cloud, which points to the fact that with this version Adobe let’s the users connect to their cloud to store documents and leverage all of the features available in their cloud.

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The Continuous Update track is aimed more at home users that want to leverage all of the features with this new version of Adobe Acrobat Reader and get the latest version installed silently and automatically.

For an enterprise, who’re used to deploy Adobe Reader in a more controlled fashion, the Classic Update track would be the way to go.

The Classic Update track workflow is the same as for deploying Adobe Reader X and XI, only with a few slight improvements.

Since this new version comes highly integrated with Cloud services provided by Adobe, in an enterprise the IT department may want to control how the end users access and store the documents they’re working with, so in this post I’ll show you how to create a installation package that has been customized for that purpose and how you can deploy it with Config Mgr 2012.

Since this is the first version of Adobe’s new Acrobat Reader 2015 DC, it’s quite straight forward when it comes to extracting the files from the Acro Rdr20151500630033_file.

Depending on how Adobe are planning to release future updates to what I assume this release is, the base installer, we’ll have to see how it turns out.We may not have to slipstream the product in the future, which is a great step forward if that would be true.In this section, I’m leveraging 7-zip to perform the actual extraction of the file.If you don’t have 7-zip already, I encourage you to download and install it.The base installer for Adobe Acrobat Reader 2015 DC can be downloaded at the following location: 1.Create a folder called Adobe Package in the root of the C: drive. Download the base installer from the link above to any place of your choosing. Right-click on the base installer and use 7-zip to extract the content to C:\Adobe Package.

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