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New builds comes out almost weekly with new fixes and upgrades.I've seen some ogg and mkv movies on the xbox with great quality.The quality and features of Xbox Media Center is unrivalled by many of those expensive professional-grade-videophile DVD players.

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I don't believe in stand-alone Div X players, they are too quickly outdated or and there aren't guarantees they'll render all your medias to perfection - in 6months time.

There isn't anything an XBOX can't handle with absolute precision.

while this is true i think we should keep the game consoles out im not gonna buy an xbox coz its gonna be outdated soon i'll wait for ps3 or xbox 2 and whatever video program it has on it im just looking for a nice cheap divx player to tide me over b4 i upgrade to ps3 or xbox 2 thx Digitrex GK-4000 plays Xvid as well as Div X.

The Xvids I've done with Auto-GK play flawlessly, but I've also tried some Div X's that seem to lose a bit of synch, especially if left on pause for any length of time (these weren't done by me, and could go back to how they were authored, e.g.

one is of a topical recent SF which starts in 1947, well, the end of "disc2" abruptly jumps forward about 30 years with no explanation, so I'm guessing something went badly awry there) Ok my point on this.

The xbox as a DIVX etc player is what people are talking about.

It doesnt matter that there will be a faster system if you just want to play movies, does it?

I would have bought a DIVX player for the bedroom (I already have an xbox for vids in lounge) but didnt as the way I see it, some of them already have problems with some codecs - how will it be in a year when the manufacturer stops upgrading the firmware etc...the xbox I believe that the media player will keep being upgraded for a long time to come given the consoles utility in that regard.

That said Div X players (at least the cheaper ones) are great.

i myself would get a xbox but what i do right now is use a AV sender and send the video and audio wirelessly to my tv...

works great for mesometimes i also use my PS2 but the AV sender is better since all the codecs are on the computer anyway and i can use VLC media player : D If money is no object, HTPC is the best choice.

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