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Black chairs with red cushions contrast with the textured cream sofa.

A fireplace in the center is visible from both sides of the center wall. This small living room is overlooked by the dining room. Light brown walls are picked up in the rug and cushions, and are topped by white crown molding. Source: Zillow Digs A large L-shaped sectional sofa and ottoman with a long coffee table extending diagonally.

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The L-shaped sofa is contrasted by the two white chairs on the opposite side.

Arched wooden ceilings with exposed beams come down into a large stone fireplace covered by a screen.

Light hardwood floors are covered with a beige and brown patterned rug.

Welcome to today’s gallery, featuring a stunning array of comfortable living rooms with gorgeous hardwood floors.

The living room is one of the social centers of the home, and is usually the most obvious room in style.

The following rooms range from modern, to contemporary, to grand and ornate.They employ different color schemes; some are beige and cream with light woods, others are in rich reds and dark woods.Others employ bright jewel blues or greens for a bolder look.And then some incorporate area rugs for the benefit of carpet, yet still providing the aesthetic benefits of hardwood flooring.Nearly all of these living rooms follow the basic and recognizable living room design: they have sofas, chairs and coffee tables; many have fireplaces and shelving units. Many of these rooms also share architectural details. Make sure to look for coffered ceilings, exposed beams, and crown molding.Some of the rooms featured in this gallery are expansive, with soaring ceilings. Size is no object to beautiful design, and each of these rooms is an example of fantastic attention to detail, form and function.

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