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Interested libraries must complete the request for quote and mention the National Library/Serials Solutions agreement to receive a discount. OCLC’s World Cat Cataloguing Partners (formerly known as Prompt Cat) “Basic” service is available free to any Libraries Australia member.

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Updating marc records

Further investigation will be done on the use of MARC21 Holdings records as an alternative approach (the guidelines discuss the use of Bibliographic records); however, variations in ILS systems make this approach more difficult to implement in a uniform manner.

The "full" bibliographic format contains detailed descriptions of every data element, along with examples, input conventions, and history sections.

The "concise" bibliographic format contains abridged descriptions of every data element, along with examples.

Serials Solutions offer a MARC records update service for e-journals or e-sets to most Australian libraries which are Libraries Australia subscribers.

Through an Agreement brokered in January 2005 by the National Library of Australia's Libraries Australia service, libraries receive a discount off the standard price for the MARC records update service.

To date, the NSLA libraries have taken advantage of this offer.

Updates are sent monthly,directly to the participating libraries according to their specified profile for local output requirements and their integrated library management system.

As part of this Agreement, the Australian National Bibliographic Database automatically receives a copy of the MARC records, complete with holdings,which saves the participating libraries loading the data to the ANBD themselves.

The National Library is invoiced the total amount for records on behalf of all participating libraries and processes the annual invoice each January.

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