Updating multiple tables in sql server 2016

In that article I show you how to create and populate a table where you wanted to mask one or more columns.

In this article I will continue on and explore some of the other aspects of using the Dynamic Data Masking feature that is being introduced with SQL Server 2016.

updating multiple tables in sql server 2016-20

In order to show you how to do this I will first need to create and populate a table with some data, where this new table doesn’t contain any masking rules.

To create that table I will use the following TSQL code: and then I populated it with two rows.

Note that my table was created where no columns had masking rules applied to them.

The SQL Server Data Tools team is pleased to announce an update for SSDT Preview is now available.

The SSDT Preview update for April 2016 added support for the latest updates of SQL Server 2016 RC3, various bug fixes.

my task is updating the 3 tables fiels from grid ......

by checking the grid table values and the 3 table id's which all are specified as identification as yes.

i show the 3 tables data in grid and store the id of the 3 tables in a new table called grid and which has its own id and with that am updating the 3 tables...... UPDATE group_master,color_master,model_masters SET Grp.group_code='CL', Grp.group_desc='CHEVROLET', Clr.color_type='METALIC', Clr.color_name='RED', Mdl.model_code='CV-B1', Mdl.model_desc='CHEVROLET BETA' FROM group_master Grp,color_master Clr,model_masters Mdl where gid=(select from grid g inner join group_master Grp on g.group_id=Grp.group_id inner join color_master clr on g.color_id=clr.color_id inner join model_masters mdl on g.model_id=mdl.model_id); is this correct way or any other solution to update the 3 table data which is matching the gird id.

you cannot do that BEGIN TRANSACTION UPDATE Table1 SET Table1.

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