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There are some things to note when working with mysqli::bind_param() and array-elements.Re-assigning an array will break any references, no matter if the keys are identical.

/* Example 1 (wont work as expected, creates two empty entries) Re-assigning the array in the while()-head generates a new array, whereas references from bind_param stick to the old array */ Coming to the problem calling mysqli::bind_param() with a dynamic number of arguments via call_user_func_array() with PHP Version 5.3+, there's another workaround besides using an extra function to build the references for the array-elements.

You can use Reflection to call mysqli::bind_param().

When using PHP 5.3+ this saves you about 20-40% Speed compared to passing the array to your own reference-builder-function. If you specify type "i" (integer), the maximum value it allows you to have is 2^32-1 or 2147483647. Blob and null handling aside, a couple of notes on how param values are automatically converted and forwarded on to the Mysql engine based on your type string argument:1) PHP will automatically convert the value behind the scenes to the underlying type corresponding to your binding type string.

So, if you are using UNSIGNED INTEGER or BIGINT in your database, then you are better off using "s" (string) for this. i.e.:2) Though PHP numbers cannot be reliably cast to (int) if larger than PHP_INT_MAX, behind the scenes, the value will be converted anyway to at most long long depending on the size.

Here's a quick summary:(UN)SIGNED TINYINT: I(UN)SIGNED SMALLINT: I(UN)SIGNED MEDIUMINT: ISIGNED INT: IUNSIGNED INT: S(UN)SIGNED BIGINT: S(VAR)CHAR, (TINY/SMALL/MEDIUM/BIG)TEXT/BLOB should all have S. This means that keeping in mind precision limits and avoiding manually casting the variable to (int) first, you can still use the 'i' binding type for larger numbers.

i.e.:3) You can default to 's' for most parameter arguments in most cases.

The value will then be automatically cast to string on the back-end before being passed to the Mysql engine.

Mysql will then perform its own conversions with values it receives from PHP on execute.

This allows you to bind not only to larger numbers without concern for precision, but also to objects as long as that object has a '__to String' method.

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