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I wanted a set of instructions for my colleagues and friends when they want to setup Git and Tortoise Git on Windows (connected to Bitbucket).

There are some steps that I have to Google myself too every time, because I don’t install Git & Tortoise Git everyday.

updating sony ericsson k800i-73

Because nobody had a C# solution listed there, I also put the code there as an answer (Look for the answer titled “C#/GDI+”) I initially recreated the logo in GDI+ without a for loop (every rectangle had a hardcoded value for its locations and size).

Using that approach, its possible to recreate the logo almost identical to the original. Read the rest of this entry » The year 2012 is here.

The year that some groups claim will be the last year for the planet and its life as we know it. Read the rest of this entry » Despite the craze over great photos and photography in general, I managed to live with only a 3.2 megapixel mobile phone camera (I still do).

There were many such occasions in the past too (for example, the year 2000). A DSLR camera has always been in my “wish list”, though nobody cared gifting me one – just kidding. NET software, that required photos to be directly transferred to a PC as soon as they are captured.

As far as I know, digital cameras go into a “USB mode” that makes them mass storage devices, just like ordinary USB thumb drives.

Read the rest of this entry » Anybody who visits my blog can scan through the publish dates of the posts and know that I am not a frequent poster.

According to SEO experts, updating blog content regularly will effect the web traffic positively.

So for a “rare” poster like me, seeing “Views per day: 10” in the Word Press analytics everyday is not new, and I am not serious about web traffic volume as I am (still) only a hobbyist blogger. Read the rest of this entry » The longest, annular (like a ring) Solar Eclipse of the millennium happened today (15th January 2010).

Read the rest of this entry » Got startled and woke up to the wild vibration and tone of my mobile phone’s alarm at 5am in the morning, stumbling in the darkness and quickly stopping the alarm, I notice 3 new text messages. When the annular eclipse was at its peak in the region from where I was watching it (Nugegoda, Sri Lanka), I saw some peculiar shadows on the ground.

Relaxing again, resting my head on the pillow, I assume they would be just some facebook alerts. Deciding to go about my usual daily duties, I open the 1st message to read, which is a CNN news alert: “Google hinted today that they are making moves to get rid of Internet Explorer 6 for good, CNN”! It occurred to me only after several seconds that they are caused by the Solar Eclipse!

Sony Mobile may have only broke through into the phone market shortly after the turn of the century, but the Japanese manufacturer quickly rose to the top with products that redefined the way we use our smartphones.

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