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When finding the location in Windows, look for the TNS_ADMIN registry entry.

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The TNS_ADMIN parm tells Oracle clients where to find the file. In the System Variable table you should now see the TNS_ADMIN variable with the path to the location of Oracle Net configuration files.

Also, make sure that For more details, see this related thread on managing the file on Windows, where the Oracle documentation notes how to set tns_admin in the Windows registry: "Access the Windows registry i.e. The Environment tab lists System environment variables defined by Windows NT - these are the same no matter which user is logged on to the computer. Change the Value from Windows_NT to the complete path were the configuration files will reside.

click: Start Run, then enter ' Regedit.exe' (or ' Regedt32.exe'). When logged as as a member of the Administrator group, you can modify, add or delete values. Highlight OS in the list of Systems Variables In the Variable field you should see: OS and in the Value field, the value: Windows_NT 6.

Add the TNS_ADMIN environment variable to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Oracle[\Home[X]] key by right mouse clicking, then selecting: New String Value.

Note: [X] is the Home Id for the ORACLE_HOME being modified.

If you are unsure where to set TNS_ADMIN in the registry, refer to the ORACLE_HOME\bin\file which provides the location of the registry key used by executables within that home." It also notes a procedure for setting tns_admin globally in everyone's path:.

"TNS_ADMIN may also be defined as a system-wide or global variable within the operating system.

Normally, the Network Configuration Assistant (NETCA) is started at the end of the installation process; however, if NETCA fails or you exit before completing, the and the other NETCA created files are not necessary for connecting to the database locally from the server.

They are just for client access, so it is possible for the database to be created properly and the files not exist.

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