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Sorry that I haven't posted anything in a while, but boy do I have news for you!

I almost have it figured out how to run UB funkeys on windows 8.1!

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~Tristen Funkey Fanatic Sorry for the small amounts of post lately, I Downloaded the ubfunkeys game from this link: And I've been trying to fix it to where the hub will pork on a new pc, so everyone can play again.

I have alot more funkeys than this but a funkey im interested in is ace, the only paradox green funkey i have is mulch and i got him off ebay in 2012 for 14 dollars, and im curious to know if you would consider selling to a funkey fananic like me? I don't know why they said that, I went through Time-Puberty at least 1284 years ago.

(im mostly interested in ace) The funkeys that i have are: (and this is how ill describe them ill have C R and V next to them for common rare and very rare.) C Scratch, C & V Drift, V Waggs, C&V Deuce, C Wasabi, C glub, c sprout, c xener, c vroom, r boggle, r fallout, c nibble, c webbley, c sol, r flurry, c snipe, c&v vlurp, c&v ptep, c&r tank, c lucky, c bomble, c raj, c yang, c cannonball talor, speed racer, chim chim, gabby, rom, mulch, jerry pearl, funkiki native (with broken spear) and pineapple king. The Sugar inspired me to go back and farm myself from Sugar, they wanted to keep everyone active by whipping them, it's an okay way of keeping the workers active but I would prefer an Alarm Clock or a Siren, I didn't get any wounds though, except for the many whip wounds I The Time Lord's Journal #7-1/0/0000Hello, I am pretty sure me and everything in the TARDIS are the only things in the universe right now, if there is a Universe right now. I wish there was a car to throw a rock at right now. A car just appeared outside, surrounded by an odd mist. Anyways, I travelled to some weird dimension, I am not sure exactly what type, it's still 452 years until I go through the process of Further Puberty where my brain cells increase in knowledge.

(37 funkeys in all) and id just like to know if you consider selling, ace, rewind, berger, or stitch. Some nice man in an alleyway gave me a bag of sugar, it definitely adds taste to Coffee, see! No wait, there's another TARDIS over there, I'm gonna wave. The Dimension was referred to as 'The Celestial Toyroom', it's an interesting place and the perfect location if you want to buy toys for your children.

If you wanna contact me my email is [email protected] power8008, funkey fananic~ The Time Lord's Journal #819/10/2013Too bad I am not at the End of the Beginning of the Universe anyway, oh, I just wrote a word paradox! For a moment I thought I somehow managed to get into the movie 'Saw', it's happened before, I managed to get into a Disney animated show once.

Now that means I can only write thicker and in a italic font, which I don't know why I do that, but eh, who cares. I bought a new calculator, a much more advanced one, and I am never going to lose it because I am about to, hey..... That's okay, I can trace it because I, no wait, that's what I was going to do..... I was asked if I wanted to play a game, so since I was there, I decided I may as well. The Time Lord's Journal #62/4/1966You know how much children like toys don't you? Well, I have been referred to many times as a Childish Person.I met these lovely dolls, Joey and Clara, they were very friendly. The g The Time Lord's Journal #51832/XX94/2S56/667/PQRI am writing from Planet ZZ43-Major-4P and this time not in a dungeon!No, I'm a tower, in fact, they think I am their 'Quanta-ixtrin-crimpta-dof' which translates to 'Emperor of All', so technically, I am their God! A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, wait a second, that's Star Wars, I've just come back from Comic Con, sorry.You know, I am going to make a new religion, why not, it's not everyday you get the oppurtunity to become a god! Anyways, there was some galaxy whose name is beyond me so don't ask about the name, and there was a floating piece of space debris, though really, it was just my TARDIS, okay? Now you may be wondering, what the heck is a TARDIS?Why it is my Time Machine, and out of the doors I stood, ready to look down upon the piece of Space Debris below me, bu The Time Lord's Journal #42/4/2001Woops, I think I just 'Guest-Starred' on The Tweenies, at least I think I did.

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