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San Carlos, Uruguay Female, 49 I'm a veterinarian and the mother of a 15 year old son.

I have two childrens, a girl and a boy who are my life.

But they grew up, they still live with me but they have their life. Montevideo, Uruguay Female, 14 My name is Sofa, and I'm about to turn fourteen this year. My name is Brian, and I live in a small town in New Hampshire!

I've always liked stories of any kind, that's why I'm always looking for books, movies, series, animes or mangas (I tend to watch a lot at the same time and get a little tangled, jaja). I wrote down that I live in Boston for safety reasons, you know. My goal is one day travel the whole world, I know it is ambition but Im sure I going to make it, i just ... my name is Clara, im from a little city called Pando!

Anyway, I love to write, and I'm just really curious to see what other cultures are like outside of my secluded town! At this moment Im studing architecture at the university. im an open person and i want to meet some new friends from diferents parts of the world!

I love photography more than everithing, and I like to travel a lot!!!

If you are interested in moving to Uruguay, then you may want to visit for a short period first to get a feel for the country. citizens do not need a visa to stay in Uruguay for less than 90 days.

A valid passport is required for entry into Uruguay with the exception of citizens from the boundary countries. Business-oriented visas are available; contact the embassy for details.

Any foreign visitor can apply for a residency visa in order to move to Uruguay, and should apply to the immigration office in his or her country of residence.

In general terms, the requirements are owning a property in the country, and/or a bank account with adequate funds, having a clean police record in the country of residency, and having proof of income in Uruguay or a work permit.

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