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This is a selected list of our Outdoor Idaho shows, dating back to the 1990's.

You can watch full episodes of most of these shows online (and all of these shows if you are a member of our Passport program).

Many of these shows have websites, containing additional information.

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Joe River Country (1995) The Frank (2015) Winter Carnival (2014) A Sawtooth Celebration (2012) Salmon River Lodges & Legacies (2011) A Middle Fork Journey (2007) A Trip to the Moon (2006) Camp Rainbow Gold (2004) White Clouds in Waiting (2003) Frank Church Wilderness (2002) River of No Return, Idaho's Scenic Salmon (2001) Yellow Pine Country (1999) Sawtooth Silver Anniversary (1997) Hells Canyon Country (1994) Bear Lake, Caribbean of the Rockies (2016) Valley of the Tetons (2015) Helping Henry's (2014) Palisades by Season (2012) Yellowstone's Cascade Corner (2009) Teton Inspiration (2003) In the Shadow of the Tetons (1998) Bear Lake Country (1998) On the Henry's Fork (1996) Yellowstone in Winter (1995) A City Made of Stone (1994) Owyhee Canyoneers (2014) The Foothills (2012) Canyonlands Calling (2010) Desert Hideaways (2007) Borderlands (2005) Owyhee Canyonlands (2001) The Desert (1998) Desert Chronicles (1993) 50 Years of Wilderness (2014) State of Our Parks (2013) Idaho's Scenic Byways (2013) 30th Anniversary Celebration (2013) Idaho Geology, A Convergence of Wonders (2011) Eyes of the Forest (2011) Wooden Boats, Wondrous Lakes (2010) 25th Anniversary Show (2008) Idaho Getaways (2007) Idaho's Centennial Trail (2006) Backroad Adventures (2005) Taste of Idaho (2005) Designing Idaho (2003) The Gem State (1996) Vanishing Idaho (1996) Health of Our Forest (1994) Places of the Heart (1993) Gems & Geology (1991) A Thousand Wonders (1990) Idaho's Salmon (2012) Working for Wildlife (2011) Wolves in Idaho (2009) Seeking Refuge (2009) Birders, Banders, Binoculars (2008) Bird Hunting in Idaho (2006) Idaho, An Angler's Paradise (2002) The Hunt (1996) Idaho's Birds of Autumn (1990) Rockhounds (2015) Search and Rescue (2015) Still Kickin' (2014) Inspired by Nature (2014) Nature's Healing Power (2013) Horse Packers & Wagon Masters (2012) Writers at Harriman (2011) Boat Builders (2011) Chasing the Light (2010) Home on the Range (2010) Let Me Be Brave (2009) Family Ranch Heritage (2008) Never Say Quit 2 (2003) Horsewomen (2002) Our Dogs (2002) Oldtime Fiddlers (2001) A Job with a View (2001) Outdoor Volunteers (2000) The Next Generation (1997) Never Say Quit (1996) Living Legends (1995) Ranch Family Album (1993) Horses (1991) Health of Our Lakes (2016) 50 Years of Wilderness (2014) State of Our Parks (2013) Idaho Water Handbook (2013) Sawtooth Celebration (2012) Idaho's Salmon (2012) The People's Land (2011) Canyonlands Calling (2010) Wilderness in the 21st Century (2010) Eating Local (2010) Wolves in Idaho (2009) Mining Idaho (2008) Wild Fire (2008) Powered by Nature (2008) Silver Valley Rising (2005) War of the Weeds (2004) White Clouds in Waiting (2003) Conflict in the Clearwater (2003) Down on the Farm (2001) The Public's Land (2000) Idaho Tribes & the Environment (2000) Bureau that Changed the West (1999) Nature's Land Brokers (1999) The Hunt (1996) Fire Line (1995) State Without a National Park (1992) Politics of Trails (1991) Health of Our Lakes (2016) Bear Lake, Caribbean of the Rockies (2016) Idaho Headwaters (2015) Helping Henry's (2014) Salmon River Lodges & Legacies (2011) Wooden Boats, Wondrous Lakes (2010) A Middle Fork Journey (2007) Jewel of the North (2004) River of No Return, Idaho's Scenic Salmon (2001) The Whitewater State (1998) Bear Lake Country (1998) Wild & Scenic Rivers (1995) St.

PO Box 1062, Mc Call, ID 83638 (208) 634-4151 or (800) 888-7544 Ponderosa’s 22 kilometers of trails you will find beautiful meadows and scenic wooded trails.

Take the trail to Osprey Point where you overlook Payette Lake and spectacular views of Brundage and the surrounding mountains. Box 442 Mc Call, Idaho 83638 (208) 634-5691 Little Ski Offers 30 kilometers of groomed cross-country ski trails and even a biathlon range.

311 Village Drive, Tamarack, ID 83615 (208) 325-1000 Jug Mountain Jug Mountain Ranch near Lake Fork, Idaho offers more than 18 km of impeccably groomed, cross-country, skate-ski and snowshoe trails, all open to the public. The Little Ski Hill’s trail system includes the Bear Basin trails located just before you get to the Little Ski Hill from Mc Call.

These trails were designed by Lyle Nelson, a Mc Call native and four-time Olympic Biathlete. highway 55, this small but action-packed facility has an alpine hill served by a T-bar providing 405 vertical feet of terrain which is the only lit ski and snow board hill in the area.

Enjoy creeks, lakes and meadows from parts of Jug Mountain Ranch previously inaccessible to nonresidents. Plus 30 kilometers of groomed cross-country ski trails located at our new facility Little Bear Basin.

311 Village Drive, Tamarack, ID 83615 (208) 325-1000 In addition to lift-served tubing the Activity Barn also offers 6 kilometers of dog-friendly skate trails.

Situated along the Payette River the trails meander through the summer cattle ranch and through the beautiful tree and pond filled acres of Mc Call’s River Ranch area. 311 Village Drive, Tamarack, ID 83615 (208) 325-1000 Featuring classic tracks and smooth skating lanes or enjoy a wide variety of snowshoe trails for all abilities.

Trails offer a variety of experiences from winding trails in meadows and aspen groves to heavily forested trails with towering pines, firs and tamaracks.

Snowmaking and nightly grooming ensure optimal terrain.

In the wake of a northern Idaho school district shelving its hot lunch program for needy students, parents have stepped in to make sure the kids don't go hungry.

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