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Get it right and you will be in for the ride of your life .

Privates are on if the room is quiet but talk it over with me first.

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The rules are designed to allow me and my guests to feel at home so that we can all enjoy our time here. Posting of obscene or explicit graphics is not acceptable.

If you can't accept the rules then please find another room more suited to your taste. Please show respect to me and everybody else in the room. Please do not make obscene or offensive remarks to me or any of my guests. Understand the tone of the room before you post any graphic. Political, religious and racial topics are not my favorites so, if you have a particular bias or prejudice I do NOT want to hear it. PM's are entirely at my discretion and normally reserved for long standing guests and fan club members. Please do not make requests unless you are tipping and you have asked me before that and I have agreed with. Please do not press questions about my private life, location or origins.

I am here to entertain you but it is not a free show. The public chat language used in this room is English. People who ignore the rules will find that they leave the room very quickly.

I'm funny, sweet, romantic, sexy girl who loves to have fun, lots of fun!

I'm single, 29 years old, 1.67m tall and a curvy all natural 51 kilos.

I love Italian food and I love my music, all kinds of music!I love to meet new people from all over the world, to chat and exchange ideas and share our experiences.I love to perform, to dance, to tease and to tempt you into my special world.Good conversation is the fastest way to my heart, seduce my mind and my body is yours, you will never be the same again!I do not have set tariffs and I do not have a menu.What I do and when and how often is all down to you, to my mood and the atmosphere in the room.

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