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Ever catch yourself fantasizing about being watched by someone while you are in the throes of passion?

Maybe your next door neighbor is secretly peeping through the blinds.

Or you’re out on that nature trail with your lover thinking you two are all alone in the world, all the while a park ranger is taking care to go undiscovered behind a nearby tree.

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Have you ever accidentally caught sight of someone undressing? If you’re one who spends a good part of your private hours peeping at people or trying to catch someone in their undies, you’re probably a voyeur.

At times, it’s easy to catch a glimpse of someone in their bare minimum by accident. I mean, if you accidentally see an attractive someone in the nude when you least expect it, it’s surely boastworthy.

But there’s a big red line between accidentally seeing someone in their weak moment, and intentionally building a scenario to see someone naked.

[Read: 12 devious ways to see a friend in the nude accidentally] What is voyeurism?

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