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The conservative males that are WASPs are considered to be very likely to support women's lib. It might just be a good idea not to try to debate him on different topics all at once.

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It just might be a good idea to wait until you know each other better.

He will probably bring it up if he is interested in it. It describes a person that is white and with a background that is probably from England.

If you do need to find out right away, you can go ahead. The other good news is that he may, very probably, want to get married sometime in the near future. They won't usually want to do a lot of different things that could be considered too far out. The person is probably fairly rich and conservative in their views. This man is looking for a woman that he can talk to and that can keep up with him. It is okay if you have had other boyfriends before. To the conservative ones, it is important that you are also the same in your views.

(Polistes), any of a worldwide genus of insects of the family Vespidae (order Hymenoptera).

A striking-looking wasp, about 16 millimetres long, it has orange antennae, wings, and tarsi; the body is jet black with narrow yellow bands and paired segmental spots.

The sting is painful but less toxic to humans than that of the more familiar species of wasps and hornets (Vespa, Vespula).

The nest is made of a paperlike material, fashioned from wood which the females have chewed and mixed with saliva to form a paste.

There are about 100 cells for larvae in a single nest, which is attached by a short stalk to some sort of protective overhang.

The good things about dating one is that he may be one of the forward thinking variety. They would not want to be behind in their thinking.

He could have been brought up by a mother that was in business and taught him to respect women.

He would have been told that women have just as many rights in the workplace and are just as bright.

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