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Also known as generalised anxiety disorder, fear, gad If we see an item on TV that is disturbing, such as a terror attack, we feel horror, temporary distress and dismay, yet we continue with our activities and can put it out of our minds.However, some people may see the same item on TV and suffer considerably more distress and worry.They may be up all night worrying about what to do if such an attack came to their town, and this worry can go on for days.

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If you experience this level of anxiety, you feel worried about many things.

You worry about your finances, your family, your car, your pets, literally anything can cause concern.

Sometimes even thinking about how to get through your day makes you feel anxious. It’s common for people with GAD to have other conditions such as depression, or other anxiety disorders.

These anxiety-related disorders can include: GAD comes on gradually and can begin at any time in your life, though the risk is highest between childhood and middle age.

Anxiety levels in most people with GAD fluctuate – when their anxiety level is mild, people with GAD can function socially and be gainfully employed.

When their anxiety is severe, some people may have difficulty carrying out the simplest daily activities. What is known is that the wiring of some areas of the brain are affected in those with GAD and other anxiety disorders, and scientists continue to try to understand what that means and how it could lead to a better understanding of the condition and how to provide better treatment for those who experience it. A person with a family history of anxiety disorder or obsessive compulsive disorder is more prone to develop this type of problem.The symptoms of GAD can vary between individuals and, over time, within an individual. And while stress doesn’t cause generalised anxiety disorder, it can make the symptoms worse.People with GAD will usually: If a child has GAD, their worries focus on their family, school and what could happen in the future, especially with their parents.Children and teens with GAD often don’t realize that their anxiety is out of proportion to the situation, so adults need to recognise their symptoms.As well as many of the symptoms that appear in adults, children with GAD may have: There is no test to diagnose GAD, and it can be somewhat hard to determine because it does not have some of the more noticeable symptoms of other anxiety disorders.A diagnosis is made by your health professional, ie, doctor, psychiatrist or clinical psychologist, based on whether you (or your child) have some or all of the typical symptoms, and the length of time you have had them.

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