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Contrary to the belief that there will be as much intensity lingering from the lyrics as on the wrinkles of his forehead as on the album cover, "Curtis" is safe.

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Despite his physique, 50 Cent is no longer the giant he once was.

With every piece of music released, from his debut album "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'" (2003) to the singles off his forthcoming album "Street King Immortal," Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson has disrupted his sonic evolution by choosing to relive the past instead of exploring -- and speaking candidly about -- the present."Get Rich Or Die Tryin'," which turns 10 years old today (Feb.

The classic album introduced a Queens, NY rapper that spit gritty hood tales, topped with top 40 hooks, and showcased fearlessness and intensity.

50 Cent made headway for the gangsta rapper to see the lands of mainstream."Back Down") and destroying careers, only to turn around and bank on the same style.

But with each effort, 50's storytelling has become bleaker.

If wanting to revisit the past -- different from reliving -- Fif should explore a depth he hasn't touched before, as Nas did with his tenth studio album, "Life is Good." 50 Cent, 'Get Rich Or Die Tryin'' at 10: Classic Track-By-Track Review 50's recent material doesn't ride the rippling wave of his tumultuous past, nor is it current with his lifestyle.

No one ever questioned him though; if anything, it added to his appeal.

While rappers make their own way, it looks like he's trying to maintain afloat.

It's hard to believe, let alone relate to, a business man rapping about moving drugs, as he does on his latest single, "Major Distribution." I wouldn't mind a song about the love, or lack thereof, he spoke of when talking to Oprah on OWN's Next Chapter interview, or rhymes on the rift between him and G-Unit members such as Lloyd Banks he hinted at when talking to Angie Martinez on Hot 97 last year.50 Cent's third solo album, "Curtis" (2007), was the rapper's turning point.

We're in a state of rap where emotion rules over money: fans are more intrigued by what lies heavy on a rapper's chest than how deep their pockets are.

At the helm are Nas, Kendrick Lamar and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis with their 2012 albums, and all eyes are set on Drake's forthcoming solo album.

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