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Wong Fei Hung – Master of Kung Fung (Traditional Chinese: 我師傅係黃飛鴻) is a TVB costume action series broadcast in January 2005.

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Wong Kei-Ying is somewhat reluctant to return to Fushan and is eager to leave.

Having previously lived a nomadic life, Fei-Hung was eager to stay and make some friends in Foshan.

They meet up with Fei Hung's aunt Tang Yu-Bo (Winnie Young) who has just returned from France to open a western cafe.

Yu-Bo helps Fei-Hung to convince his father to stay.

So Kei-Ying and Fei-Hung's new life in Fushan begins...

Did the romance come too fast for Bosco Wong and Vanessa Yeung?33-year-old Bosco admitted that he was dating 42-year-old model, Vanessa Yeung after their kissing photo was published.After their romance came to light, the couple was high-profile about flaunting their relationship.Vanessa was spotted driving Bosco’s antique car around, and Bosco had also been busily introducing her to his friends and family.During the lunar new year, Bosco took Vanessa home to visit his mum and relatives.However, Bosco’s mum advised him to keep his relationship low-key and felt that he should give himself more time to get to know Vanessa better.

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