Who is charlize theron dating

Charlize Theron was born in Benoni, a city in the greater Johannesburg-area, in South Africa, the only child of Gerda Theron (née Gerda Jacoba Aletta Maritz) and Charles Jacobus Theron. Theron is of Afrikaner (Dutch, with some French Huguenot and German) descent, and Afrikaner military figure Danie Theron...

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And then my job as an actor is to service those stories as well as I possibly can.

Born on 7th August, 1975 in Benoni, South Africa and educated at The National School of the Arts, Johannesburg, South Africa, she is famous for The Devil's Advocate, Monster in a career that spans 1995–present.

The insider said Sean, who was previously married to Robin Wright and Madonna, recently pulled his Malibu mansion off the market after putting it up for sale.

The pair also backed out of at least one scheduled event together before the blonde beauty flew to London to film , she told an American magazine: "Putting aside that he's my partner, he's the love of my life; for the first time, I felt that my work was really bleeding into my life and that made it hard. But it makes you realise that no matter how complicated it gets, the priority is the relationship." of her father's girlfriend.

There were moments where I was incredibly unfair to him. "They've been away for months working together in South Africa, so I haven't seen much of either of them. As long as my dad's happy, I'm happy for both of them."Bless - that's very sweet. And while Charlize has previously spoken about how she has no intention of getting married and "never had the dream of the white dress", multiple sources are reporting that the pair are planning to tie the knot when they visit South Africa to film drama Reps for both Charlize and Penn had no comment about the rumours - so we'll have to wait and see if the pair are planning to "do a Cheryl" and walk down the aisle secretly.

There's also the rumours that the pair are planning to adopt while in South Africa - so it could be a very busy year for the Theron-Penns.SOURCE: Ever since they got together, the internet has been rife with speculation about Charlize Theron and Sean Penn's relationship.But now, Charlize herself has spoken out about the most A-list hook-up of 2014 - and marriage is NOT on the cards. And, it's been slow going because you are aware that you could screw that up and lose it. But, at the end of the day, it was somewhat effortless.The June cover star of , Theron revealed that she thought weddings seemed a bit, well stressful for her and Sean: "I never had the dream of the white dress. I think it's beautiful for them, but to be quite honest, usually I'm sitting there just devastated," she said."It's supposed to be this night of celebrating love, and all you see is a couple separated all night making sure everybody else is okay. And, as you get older, you start sifting through the stuff that really matters." She also opened up about her and Penn getting together - and it's as cute as the pictures of Sean goofing off with her son, Jackson (see below):"I really didn't see it coming. It just kind of naturally happened, and before I knew it, I was in something that was making my life better - the people who really love me can see the effect it has had on me", she explained."I don't know how you have a healthy relationship with the whole world knowing about it," she said ."Look, we're dating, and I don't think we were trying to hide anything.

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