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"I Bet" is a song by American singer Ciara from her sixth studio album, Jackie (2015).

Released as the lead single from the album by Epic Records on January 26, 2015, "I Bet" serves as Ciara's first single following the birth of her first child and widely publicized break-up with American rapper Future.

The song was written by the singer, Harmony "H-Money" Samuels and Timothy and Theron Thomas of the production duo Rock City.

It was produced by Samuels, and Chris "TEK" O'Ryan was responsible for its vocal production.

Developed as a "raw" and emotional track originating from a personal place in Ciara's life, "I Bet" was intended to resonate as "much bigger than any one person's experience".

A slow-tempo, somber R&B ballad—with sparse, throwback 1990s-style R&B production—"I Bet" shifts from the sound of the singer's later discography to recall her earlier works, "And I" (2005) and "Promise" (2006).

The track's lyrical content deal with subjects of betrayal, trust issues and infidelity in a romantic relationship.

"I Bet" garnered favorable reviews from music critics who deemed it a strong comeback for the singer, and commended her vocal range, as well its rare and honest showcase of her private life.

Described as a realest, scathing breakup song, a variety of publications opined that the ballad was written about Ciara's break-up with Future as a diss track, and noted that it was the first time the singer weighed in on their split.

Upon its release the song debuted at number 96 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at number 43.

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