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’ and I was like, ‘I don’t know, I just didn’t know how to say it.’” Green addresses this moment in, “Of Space and Time,” off City and Colour’s latest record, The Hurry and the Harm: There’s an elephant in the back of the room, And it’s standing in plain view, Everyone can see, That it looks just like me.

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When Alexisonfire began to gain notoriety, those songs began to appear online.

“People tried to find stuff out about us and ultimately found these old songs that I had written and recorded in my basement that I would sell for a couple of bucks at a coffee shop or open mic night in St. “So people would come up to me and ask me about these songs that, at that time, I thought I would never play again.” Soon, Alexis’ fervent fan base—a staple for any emo band—began demanding more of Green’s mellow, personal tunes.

“Ultimately it came down to: ‘People are interested in these old songs, I should go and record good versions of some of them and then record new songs that I had that were on the side,’ and that’s what the first City and Colour record would become,” he says.

Sitting in a Boston hotel room shortly after playing a show with his screamo band Alexisonfire, Green shot off an e-mail to his management team letting them know he’d come to a decision: “I can’t do both anymore,” he wrote.

“I can’t.” At the time, January 2010, the then-30-year-old from St.

Catharines, Ontario, Canada was trying desperately to simultaneously manage his two projects: The acoustic, ethereal and hopelessly catchy solo project City and Colour and the aggressive, melodic hardcore band Alexisonfire. I got back to the hotel and I was exhausted—mentally, physically and emotionally.

“It was on another bunch of squeezed-in Alexis shows in between City and Colour shows,” Green recalls of that night. I was just trying to squeeze everything in.” Fearing he had made an emotional decision, he decided he would keep it private from his bandmates.

This was not unusual behavior for Alexisonfire’s reserved, tattoo-covered co-frontman (screamer George Pettit rounded out the group’s vocal twosome)—he practically went out of his way to avoid informing the rest of the group of his other band’s existence.

“Every time something good happened I wouldn’t tell anybody about it because I was worried that they would be mad at me,” he explains.

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