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Renee worn a elegant wedding gown designed by top dress designer. This is the first marriage of both Kenny and Renee.

After 128 days approximately 4 months Renee filed for divorce by saying that it was the biggest mistake of her life by getting married she also cited “Fraud” as the reason of separation. In 2010 Chesney Kenney admitted while giving interview to Oprah Winfrey that he got simply panicked after marrying to great actress Renee. But from the last two years there was no announcement of this relationship but both were seen together at many places. David Chesney his father was a teacher at a local school while his mother Karen Chandler was a hair stylist by profession in Knoxville area. Five years back they toured together but not hold hands strongly.

It is rumored that soon the couple will make announcement of their relationship by doing engagement. Kenney has a half younger sister named Jennifer Chandler from the mother side. Right now its not confirm that they are in serious relationship or Miranda just want to makes her ex husband jealous with this rumor.

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Though HBO recently announced Farrell and Vaughn as the show’s leads, sources say fans could have a similar response to the female lead as they did to Matthew Mc Conaughey’s part as Rust Cohle in season 1.

Several other actresses have been considered for the part, including Jessica Biel and Malin Akerman, but Mc Adams has been seen as the front-runner for the past few weeks. It came down to scheduling, as insiders tell Mc Adams was about to start filming “Spotlight,” the drama revolving around the Catholic Church sex scandal uncovered by the Boston Globe, and it was unknown whether dates could be worked out for Mc Adams to do that film and “True Detective.” Sources say that in the past 24 hours, a deal was worked out where the actress could do both projects.

Justin Lin is set to direct the first two episodes of season 2.

This great singer has written various things such as from love songs to anthem.

In reality he had written his first song for a girl, but unlucky he didn’t get the girl in that case.

Unfortunately, he has very few romantic relations in his personal life.Ten years ago Kenny Chesney met to an actress “” at a charity event.At this place Renee was there to perform an act while Kenny was doing job as a volunteer to respond the telephone calls.Both instantly fall in love with each other, may be love at first glance. After this he alos dedicated a song in the love of this pretty lady.After dating for just a few months couple decided to marry.Kenny and Renee got married in the presence of family members and few friends.

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