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straight[Footwear] barefoot yo[Mood] happyyyyy[Talking To] no one my a/m is up[Sounds] journey...

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hehehe thanks moulin rougepictured your crush naked? thats who im going out withrejected someone: yea..... im pretty much a straight edge as im called by everyone..

: oh godactually seen your crush naked: nobeen in love: yes im in love nowgives you a funny feeling when you see them: yesdo you have a crush on someone? sadused someone: nobeen cheated on: nodone something you regret: maybelast person you hugged: andrewkissed: andrewlike watching sunrises or sunset: sunset Tall or Short: shortttttttt Fat or Thin: i dont care Muscular or No Muscles: i dont care once again Hair Color: I DONT CAREHair Style: I DONT CARESmart, Average or Stupid: I DONT CARESexy or Cute: I DONT CAREGentle or Rough: god wtf I DONT CARETouchy Feely or Keeps Distance: touchy feely Calm or Wild: ehhh both Good girl or boy or Bad girl or boy: mixture Describe your perfect date: dinner, then walking on the beach and watching the sunset Who were you with the longest: uhmmm Who was your first crush? whatev's IM PROUDDo you ever have a song with anyone? : my best friend/dirty little secret Who do you share it with? down, its wet cause i just got out of the shower...

: im not telling you Who was your biggest crush: oh god 7th-9th Who did you like but they didnt like you: alot of people Do you ever dwell over girls\boys that you don't like anymore? : andrew Have you ever stolen anyone's girlfriend or boyfriend? heheheheheeeeeeeee*Was the last thing of that you put in a picture frame?

did nothing during the day then at night i went to andrewwwwwsss so hi.school has been pretty good i guess.today was sooo freakin funnyi was really tired and quiet for like the first 3 periods i dno i kinda felt sick..soooooo i was blahhso i got into global and we watched a movie.. [Have an Eating Disorder] no[Tend to Judge People] no[Any Other Habits?

was thanksgiving so i was kinda still sick but 10x better....friday.. woody woodpecker and such and when we went to go see sara and nick we walked down the hall and jess was like "LETS HIDE BEHIND THE LOCKERS" and we all of the sudden saw nick and sara come by and we ran right into the lockers and they were like.. and then jess jumped out to scare them and there was a teacher walking by and she jumped out and was like. ..ohh" ahahahaha wow good timeschild development was funny too.... [h][a][b][i][t][s] [(do you)][Bite Your Nails] not too much[Stress] if theres a test i didn study for[Take out Your Issues On Others] not really unless its really bad[Self Injure- (ex: cut, burn, pull hair)] no[Flirt Too Much] i dont know girls never know when they flirt[Eat Too Much] PSHTRHTH I EAT 24/7 ! before i go to beddddd*Time do you go to bed at night?

the last samurai which is actually pretty interesting and i didn wanna leave that class cause i wanted to watch the rest.. and we laughed at anything."im coming for you my preciousss" "oh... ] if i get nervous i poke my nose (long story) or play with the back of my ear[f][o][r] [a] [m][i][l][l][i][o][n] [b][u][c][k][s] [(would you)][Name Your Kid Dammit] hahhahahahahaha no[Strip For Your Classmates] oh god no[Shave Your head] no i like my hair[Wax Off Your Eyebrows] uhhhhhh that would hurt[Wax An Old man's Back] ewwwwwwww[Sit In a Cage With 4 Hungry Wolves] oh ya let me tell ya...

hehe ya anywho.spanish we had a speaking test which i was stressing out for but then i did good.. NOOO[Eat A Snake] ew im deathly afraid of them[Make Out With Your Best Friends Boyfriend] no[Swim With The Jelly Fish] there mean[Make Out With Your Teacher] oh god no! cookie doughhhhhhh*Was the last song you listened to?

i want a squierrl..." hahaha JUMPING JOHOSAFATSSSSS.. when it comes to school[Least Organized] hmmmm kelly[Always Late] kelly[Always Early] jess and andrew[Always On Time] uhhhh everyone else...?

no one[Smartest] diana[Tallest] diana[Shortest] ..........me[Most Fashionable] all my friends are pretty fashionable[Smells Best] they all smell pretty good too.[Weirdest Conversations] me and kelly, me and diana[Deepest Conversations] me and kelly[Stupidest Conversations] andrew, jess[Best Liar] they dont exactly lie.[Hottest] there all hot i can't take it[Most Annoying] were basicly all annoying[Best] kelly,andrew,maddie,diana,donna,jess,katie[Most Organized] me kinda..

if im going out somewhere[Shower] once sometimes twice[Brush Your Teeth] twice[Wash Your Face] once[Brush Your Hair] only a few[Eat] ALOTTTTTT i love food okay[Say the Word "ok"] i just said it.. [Yell at Your Siblings] only if were both in bad moods[Slam Doors] if im pissed i do it alot[f][r][i][e][n][d][s][Nicest] all of them[Coldest] ...... nails nothing, toe nails- pink*Did you last put away? sunflower seeds =]*Thing you spent a lot of money on?

me, brittany, and aaron brought back memories of hey arnold. dont stop believin'[h][o][w] [m][a][n][y] [Cups On Desk] 1[Pets] 2 dogsssss[Siblings] 1 sister[Crushes] hehe its not exactly a crush anymore[Cousins] oh god i gotta count..11[Aunts] 5[Uncles] 4[h][o][w] [m][a][n][y] [t][i][m][e][s] [p][e][r] [d][a] [y] [d][o] [y][o][u][Change Clothes] uhhh once?

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