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Season 7 of "The Bachelor" Actor Jerry O'Connell's brother, Charlie O'Connell, decided to look for love on "The Bachelor" in 2005.

He chose to continue a relationship with Sarah Brice in the finale.

The couple broke up in 2007, got back together in 2008 and finally called it quits in 2010.

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Charlie O'Connell continued to pursue his acting career.

Season 5 comrade Ed axed, but fell short thanks to Sarah cluing Ed into the plan.

With help from Jaclyn, the duo turned the ploy around and got the Philadelphia realtor eliminated.

And now that the back-stabbing has begun, host Chris Harrison says it only gets more tense from here.

Keep reading for more on the new alliances, why the challenge was harder than it looked and who Harrison says is sliding through the game.

(Read the full episode recap here.) Do you think Reid's plan was smart even though it cost him the game? I don't know if it goes back to the whole Jillian thing, but he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar last week, got himself out of it, and went right back to it and this week got caught.

Was the elimination as tense as it seemed with Jaclyn's speech at the end?

Harrison: It's a hint of things to come and you'll see more speeches.

The problem is this year is that there are floaters like Kalon and Lindzi, which really messes up the game and makes alliances useless.

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