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No stranger to music, Maslow began training as a singer when his parents placed him in the San Diego Children’s Choir at the age of six and had a small role in the San Diego Opera’s production of “You can only experience certain things when you’re with someone in a monogamous relationship, and that’s a feeling of love or compassion or whatever you can share with each other, but at the same time, I don’t plan on getting married or having children until I’m closer to 30.” busy guy! I’ve heard of those things, but I’m not sure exactly what they are. If you enjoy it, you don’t think of it so much as work, and you sacrifice a little bit of sleep to get your personal things done. I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep, but I’m having fun, so I can’t complain. Most importantly, we’re playing new music from our new album ? Historically, we’ve already set records in terms of how long we’ve been doing this and how old we are, but none of that seems to make much of a difference. But at this point, we’re just focusing on the tour and the new album, and we’ll see what is to come as it comes. The guys signed a record deal in 2009 with Nick Records simultaneously with the television series and because of production and musical rights to the show, this group called Big Time Rush was eventually signed to Columbia/Epic Label Group. I’m lucky to have a job and the jobs that I do, if you think of it that way. We just started rehearsals a few days ago, but the music, the band; everything behind us is going to be completely changed. The band and I are happy to keep going if the network wants us to keep going.

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We thought that would be an interesting aspect if we could bring to life or cartoon, I should say, because he’s so knowledgeable in that field.

We actually have about six or eight minutes of cartoon in that episode where we take a music video and really caricature ourselves. I think at one time we threw around the idea of doing a ): The season ender is “Big Time Awards Show.” Is that about the Teen Choice Awards?

James Maslow: We call it the Tween Choice Awards to make it fictional, but yes, it’s essentially about the Kids’ Choice Awards.

As usual, it’s very good for being self-deprecating for the sake of comedy.

Basically, we’re up for five awards, and we don’t win ‘em all.

We don’t give ourselves too much credit, but we do end up coming out on top in our own way. I think they’re beautiful, but I’m not sure they’re for me.

I think it’s a very accurate reflection of how we perceive our jobs in real life. I think they were more unique five, ten, fifteen years ago and not that there’s anything wrong with them right now, but it’s almost like the ): Have you and the guys become closer after spending so much time together over the last few years?

We just make the best of every situation, and we have fun at the end of the day. James Maslow: The boys and I have always been incredibly close.

We do have some diehard, ): “Big Time Scandal” aired last month and guest starred Cher Lloyd. James Maslow: She performed a little of her new single, and it was pretty much a storyline of her and me. She did a ): I also found her tattoos to be very interesting. I don’t think the show or especially the touring aspects would work if we didn’t get along and didn’t work well with each other.

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