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A few more covers later and Heaton has come a long way.

She’s determined to let the world know that she’s competent as a composer and as a singer.

That said, she’s still humble; the 19 year old readily admits that she never expected any of this to happen.

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People believe in who I am, that’s why they f*ck with me because I’m not trying to be somebody I’m not,” she explains. She had an even tougher childhood after dealing with the death of a sibling at a very young age. Her loss turned her into an outcast, but also taught her a valuable lesson.

“I had to raise myself from age 5, that’s always made me very isolated but also very independent.”She adds, Today, Heaton’s hard exterior has strengthened her to be confident in the music she releases, but also strong enough to shake off the haters.“Do you know what a thirst trap is? “Yes, I’ve been called that many, many times,” she reveals.

But when asked if she agrees with that people may be calling her, Heaton responds, “No.”“I post pictures about what I’m doing and what my life is about.

to be completely honest, if you go through my Instagram and you read my tweets, that’s who I am,” Heaton explains.

I wanted to get to the bottom of who this new songstress was that I’d been hearing so much about from my friends and coworkers.“I mean…

She continues, “I never try to push or portray this image that people see.“You can really find out who I am very, very easily, whether it’s having a 10-minute conversation while sharing a bag of Cheetos or by reading my tweets.It’s the same thing.”Heading to Heaton’s Instagram, it’s easy to see what she means.She and her manager Lauren (on the right) have crafted a musical personality that’s as talented as Heaton is attractive.“I think the reason I’m here is because I never tried to be where I am; we didn’t construct this image or plan of attack.[My manager and I] have always said, let’s just be honest.Let’s just show people who we are and make the kind of music that we like.That’s why I think my fans recognize what’s real,” Heaton told Elite Daily.

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