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THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. DREW PINSKY, HOST: It sounds like a grownup version of "Mean Girls", a TV host who tells women what is wrong with what they`re wearing. When it comes to work and career, I feel totally happy and settled and comfortable.

But there`s a surprising reason for her brutal honesty and the way she`s actually trying to help women. (END VIDEO CLIP) PINSKY: Stacy London, the star of "What Not to Wear", reveals the source of the pain she experienced growing up in a new book called "The Truth about Style." Now, I want to quote something from the book that caught my and my producers` attention. STACY LONDON, AUTHOR, "THE TRUTH ABOUT STYLE": Yes, I`m ready. PINSKY: Yes, it is weird, because you`re a beautiful woman and you`re 42 and you`ve got -- obviously smart and you got a career. PINSKY: Does it have to do with what you wrote about in the book? I do think, you know, the big metaphor for me in the book is learning to be comfortable in my own skin. PINSKY: Well, I`m going to stop you, because it`s interesting that you use skin as a metaphor, because I want you to tell a story about growing up with a skin disease.

PINSKY: It`s what you said was the most difficult thing to write. What is the -- I could ask what`s the matter with you. LONDON: Yes, I did, and that`s why I used the metaphor.

That`s the hardest sentence I`ve written thus far in the book." LONDON: Anyway, it was one of the last chapters. And, you know, I feel like the single stigma thing still exists. It`s a skin disease that, you know, it`s an auto-immune disease. PINSKY: Particularly for a kid, it can cover your whole body. PINSKY: Well, that`s good, because of course sixth grade is when girls are at their most secure. To be so filled with a kind of self-hatred at looking like I did and not being able to fit in and really not just fear of judgment, but fear of, you know, being mocked. And really played a part I think in how I saw myself.

LONDON: I was not only at my most secure, I also had lovely friends, because you know how kind and compassionate 11-year-olds can be. LONDON: I had notes in my locker that I looked like the elephant man and leave school before you infect anybody. So long after we cleared up the disease, long after I started using medicine that really did get rid of it, I couldn`t let go of that feeling. LONDON: So I have massive scars all over me that unless I wanted to get skin grafts, I`ll never get rid of.

PINSKY: You`re getting emotional just telling the story. But at the same time -- you know, it became even harder for me, because I completely -- think that`s where I started to get really preoccupied with appearance -- PINSKY: And covering up? Covering, but also that was my attraction to fashion. And then the medicine that kind of cured my skin started tearing my skin, literally like paper. PINSKY: Do you think -- you`re sort of harsh with people with your style advice.

"I had been very thin [when] I interviewed for the job, then got double pneumonia before I started and within a year, I was up to 180 pounds." PHOTOS: Stars' outrageously expensive street style To hide the extra weight and blend in with Anna Wintour's team of budding fashionistas, London clung hard to one particular trend. Lucky for me, that was the year grunge came in, so I could wear flannel shirts and big peasant skirts! PHOTOS: Editors' style picks for Spring 2015 Although loose clothing could hide her new curves, London admits that she may not have landed the gig in the first place after gaining weight.

"I don't know whether I would have been hired at 180 pounds," the alum said.

PHOTOS: Celeb street style -- copy the looks What she does know is that, from her experience, working hard outweighed a slender frame.

"Not looking the part in that environment was hard, but I overcompensated, did the work of three assistants, and tried to be the class clown," she admitted.

The word impossible doesn't exist if you work for somebody like Anna Wintour.'Ms London recalled the panic she felt when she realized that she wouldn't be able to continuously meet the high expectations that were set for her, saying that she questioned how she was 'going to be able to pull rabbits out of the hat every single day'.

You learn everything you need to know about being in fashion.

'This is a makeunder series in the sense that these women are dressing to an extreme, even more so than we saw on What Not To Wear,' she said.

DREW Interview with Stacy London Aired October 16, 2012 - ET THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT.

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