Who is steve bing dating

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According to Britain's News of the World newspaper, a source says, "Elizabeth has always made it very clear to Steve that she is prepared to put their differences behind them and put Damian first.

But Steve has no interest in seeing Damian and has turned down all invitations to do so, even when Liz has been five minutes away from him in LA.

It's pretty unreasonable, and pathetic even, to use distance as an excuse for not seeing his son as Steve is rich and charters planes all the time.

It would be nothing for Steve to fly himself to where Damian is and Elizabeth and Damian are frequently in America." A pal says, "Steve doesn't see any point in being a part-time, long-distance father.

He says if Liz won't bring his son to Los Angeles to live, it is better if he just stays out of his life." » Elizabeth Hurley has refused an offer by Steve Bing to pay $158,000 a year in child support for their eight-month-old son Damian Charles.

The movie producer made the offer today in the London High Court, after a DNA test earlier this year proved he was the biological father of Hurley's first child. It appears that one cannot stop someone trying to give you money. This I have done." But Bing seems determined to pay.But the actress has rejected the money, insisting the sum was "not wanted or Welcome." In a statement the 37-year-old Bedazzled star says, "I have always made it perfectly clear to Stephen Bing, the father of my son Damian, that I don't want any financial help from him whatsoever. He instigated the High Court proceedings after Hurley initially refused financial support and, after today securing an order requiring him to make the annual payments - totaling .8 million - to Hurley until Damian is 18, he released a statement that reads, "Mr.I know that 8,000 a year is an enormous sum of money to Mr Bing and I fully appreciate his generosity toward his son. Bing is delighted that the matter has been concluded and that he is able to honor his pledge to make generous provision for his son." A spokeswoman for Bing insisted the money would be paid into a trust.» Woody Allen and Sean Penn have signed up for playboy Steve Bing's directorial debut - called Why Men Shouldn't Marry.While Bing has no directorial experience, and has limited experience as a producer - presiding over the Get Carter remake box office disaster last year - Allen and Penn have agreed to take on the starring roles in the new movie.Penn will play a man who becomes an anti-marriage guru after going through a painful divorce, who argues with Allen's character, Max, who has been divorced many times but still believes that a marriage can be successful. » Supermodel Liz Hurley's baby Damian has still not been introduced to his film producer father Steve Bing, despite being flown out to Los Angeles to meet him.

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