Xfire activity report not updating

As some of you may be aware there is no demo for this game.

The developers have kindly uploaded us a torrent with a nice message for those wishing to try the game...

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Zeno Clash is an independently funded game by a very small and sacrificed group of people.

The only way in which we can continue making games like this (or a sequel) is to have good sales.

I am aware that at this moment there is still no demo of the game, but we are working on one which will be available soon.

We cannot do anything to stop piracy of the game (and honestly don't intend to do so) but if you are downloading because you wish to try before you buy, I would ask that you purchase the game (and support the independent game development scene) if you enjoy it. Carlos Bordeu ACE Team I am in no way condoning the pirating of this game.

We plan on updating Zeno Clash with DLC and continuing support for the game long after it's release. I downloaded this game last night from a torrent and then very shortly afterwards bought it off steam and made an additional donation to the developers.

Not all torrents are used for illegal activity.thanks/ ACE Team is currently working on a Zeno Clash demo, as well as a patch due "soon" to address "some game play mechanics, other tweaks, and general bug fixing I pre-ordered this game and only paid .99 for it. Overall I think its an awesome game, especially for an indy team.

Its actually better than what you get from larger companies now-a-days.claudiatamo posted...

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This is what new-age gaming has taught the average person to look forward to.

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